As in the other services I offer, my passion about sharing this wonderful gift lights up my workshops. I explain the different strengths of each side of the brain and the concept of what I call “whole braininess.” I use stories and samples of my own handwriting to motivate attendees to try writing, starting with their names. There’s always laughter as they try to get their (usually left) hand to cooperate, then I ask them to write and describe how the exercise made them feel. Once we get past their left brain’s criticism (clumsy, childish and stupid are common responses), they’re ready to try asking a question.

Sometimes the responses are hilarious; sometimes the reader speaks in a hushed voice, obviously moved by what he or she has written. I think because of the nature of the work a spirit of camaraderie develops within the group. Listening to people speak the unvarnished truth that’s surfaced from within them yields a gentle companionship. The world I help create in these workshops is safe, creative and compassionate. As they leave, it’s my fervent hope that participants will share these gifts with others, so that our little “workshop world” becomes part of a more sustaining universe.

When the group is fairly small, I can give individual feedback and encourage each member to participate at their own comfort level. In larger groups, I'm able to focus on individuals who most need my help. Every participant will gain valuable insights and take with them the map to more discoveries.

Contact me to set up a workshop, brown bag meeting or whatever format fits your need. I'm very flexible!

Betty's workshop was packed with valuable insights and information. She showed us samples of her own handwriting and told us stories that made it obvious that she truly believes in this work. Since then, she's guided me in private sessions that helped me understand my family in new and compassionate ways. My work with her gave me new emotional insights into family dynamics and helped to heal some longstanding misconceptions.
~Psychologist, Travis County MHMR

I took one of Betty’s Diamond Workshops and learned a lot from it. Her presentation was thorough, clear, and engaging, so much so that everyone around the table was inspired to try the technique right away. As we talked about what we’d written, Betty gave each of us insights into what had been revealed by our writing. Although we didn’t know each other, she made us all feel comfortable enough to share our thoughts and feelings, making the whole experience quite meaningful.
~ Department Administrator, University of Texas

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