My talks about getting in touch with the right brain really are engaging! Since the topic can push lots of judgmental and logical left brain buttons, I tell little jokes and gently nudge my audiences into firing up those connectivity synapses. I see lots of head-nodding pretty quickly, reinforcing my theory that humor resides in the right brain.

My audiences range in size and I tailor my talks to the group. For instance, the speech I gave to people who’d been recently laid off from their jobs was different than the one to folks thinking about changing careers. Transition was the key word to these groups, and it’s true that tapping the right brain is particularly helpful in times of change.

This topic can apply to many, many situations. Do your students need a zap of creativity? Would you like to offer employees a self-help session that will yield meaningful results? Do you work with people dealing with trauma or grief? Are you looking for a way to shake things up, to get folks thinking outside the box? 
I absolutely love telling people about Lefty, and that enthusiasm shines in my speeches. Contact me to talk about your particular situation and I’ll design a presentation sure to suit your needs.

Betty spoke to a large meeting (140 people) of my Launch Pad Job Club. She was mesmerizing. As she read the "dialogues" between her two hands/hemispheres, the entire room was still as we marveled at the often clear demarcation between the right and left brains. Many of those present have been experimenting with Betty's technique. I love doing it because it forces me to slow down, pay attention, and solve the riddle of what my right brain is telling me. Wow.
~ Career Strategist, Texas WorkSource

Betty is so enthusiastic about the benefits of “other” handwriting that she got me curious enough to try it, even though I’m left-handed. My left brain was very judgmental about the results, but Betty encouraged me to keep trying and I’m so glad I did. It’s been so reassuring to get in touch with my true feelings about a possible career move. Now I know I’ll make the best decision and I’m using “other” handwriting to help with many aspects of my life.
~Senior Policy Advisor, TX Commission for Health and Human Services




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