Speaking Engagements

My talks about getting in touch with the right brain really are engaging! Since the topic can push lots of judgmental and logical left brain buttons, I tell little jokes and gently nudge my audiences into firing up those connectivity synapses. I see lots of head-nodding pretty quickly, reinforcing my theory that humor resides in the right brain.

Betty spoke to a large meeting (140 people) of my Launch Pad Job Club. She was mesmerizing. As she read the "dialogues" between her two hands/hemispheres, the entire room was still as we marveled at the often clear demarcation between the right and left brains. Many of those present have been experimenting with Betty's technique. I love doing it because it forces me to slow down, pay attention, and solve the riddle of what my right brain is telling me. Wow.
~Career Strategist, Texas WorkSource

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As in the other services I offer, my passion about sharing this wonderful gift lights up my workshops. I explain the different strengths of each side of the brain and the concept of what I call “whole braininess.” I use stories and samples of my own handwriting to motivate attendees to try writing, starting with their names. There’s always laughter as they try to get their (usually left) hand to cooperate, then I ask them to write and describe how the exercise made them feel. Once we get past their left brain’s criticism (clumsy, childish and stupid are common responses), they’re ready to try asking a question.

Betty's workshop was packed with valuable insights and information. She showed us samples of her own handwriting and told us stories that made it obvious that she truly believes in this work. Since then, she's guided me in private sessions that helped me understand my family in new and compassionate ways. My work with her gave me new emotional insights into family dynamics and helped to heal some longstanding misconceptions.
~Psychologist, Travis County MHMR

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Personal Sessions

This is the most powerful work I do. My job is to help ask the true questions that uncover the heart’s intent. Often with laughter, sometimes with tears of relief, always with kindness the right brain will respond.  I’ve found that most people have expectations of what will happen. Even those who are eager to try writing have trouble getting past their judgmental left brain. That’s when my own experience and passion for the work lets me help on an intuitive level.

Even after listening to Betty talk so enthusiastically about "Lefty" while she was taking my class, I wasn't prepared for the immediate results I got when she and I had a personal session. I came to the session out of touch with what my heart and body needed to be healthy. I only knew I was not performing at my peak. Betty listened and then helped me phrase questions to ask. My right brain answered them in such a direct and kind way that I knew I should follow its advice. I did and it changed my life. I am very glad I did that session...and glad that I listened to "Lefty"!
~Coach/Business Owner, DanaLynn Media

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