Since I started this writing, I’ve worried that maybe my right brain would tell me something about my past I’d repressed. That I’d watch my left hand write about something ugly or disturbing. For quite a while I was afraid to ask about this, but I finally did. The response reinforced my belief that the right brain will never, ever tell you anything you’re not prepared to know. If you’re not prepared, it simply won’t respond. Equally importantly, it will never, ever lie to you.

Right Hand:  What did you mean when you said ‘not like you don’t have depths/secrets’?
Left Hand:  you’re open & honest about things/people as long as it’s not hurtful. everyone has secrets. things they protect. things others don’t need to/shouldn’t know. didn’t mean you have secrets that are secret from you.  

RH:  Why do I get so distressed when I read/hear about people discovering/uncovering bad secrets?
LH:   because stories are horrible & sad.

RH:  You’re not holding something back I’m not ready for?
LH:  no

RH:  Would you tell me if there was something – I mean, would you ever say ‘yes’ to that question?
LH:  yes if there was something to tell. you’re ready to do powerful work. grateful that it means uncovering patterns, not secrets. patterns hard enough!

EXPECTATIONS: How expectations are disappointments waiting to happen.


ENCOURAGEMENT: Understanding the nature of your work.


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