On The Key to the Window page, I explained that the only things this work requires are a sincere respect for the effort you’re making and a complete lack of expectation about the result you’ll receive. My right brain continues to try to point out to me how I often set myself up, that expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. Here’s a sample that helped me see it from a different angle:

Right Hand:  Why do I have trouble celebrating my success?
Left Hand:  don’t’ see it as success

RH:  Why not?
LH:   expectations not met

RH: Should I lower my expectations?
LH:  doesn’t seem possible but sure would help

RH:  I know. Even though I try not to have them, I always do.
LH:  yes. don’t like surprises/too many ‘bad’ ones/ones that made you unhappy

RH:  I wish I could trust in good surprises & be less defensive.
LH:  always protecting yourself/us. we’re stronger than you think. others have told you how strong you are.


SECRETS: How your right brain responds to you only when you're ready to hear and only truthfully.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Understanding the nature of your work.


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