This dialogue came about as I was wrestling with money issues, which have been a constant negative influence in my life. It foreshadowed some very important lessons regarding self-value and money. When I was writing this, the term ‘Angels’ was the closest I’d allow myself to get to spirituality. Since then, I’ve come to understand it much more deeply. As my left hand once wrote, Be a better you and watch what happens.

Right Hand:  Thanks for the reassurance. How can I think honestly about charging for Diamond classes?
Left Hand:  Don’t degrade/under-value its/your worth

RH:  But it seems almost spiritual
LH:  It is but also valuable. All this kind of work is spiritual

RH:  But counselors go to school & get certified.
LH:  School of hard knocks! Angels are right: be true to practice & lessons learned. Great strength in that & in being true to what you’ve learned.

RH:  I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.
LH:  Lots up in the air. Learn to float! Some signs of feathers already appearing: new roof, floors, clothes for baby nephews/niece

EXPECTATIONS: How expectations are disappointments waiting to happen.

SECRETS: How your right brain responds to you only when you're ready to hear and only truthfully.



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