The handprint in the photo above is mine when I was five. I still remember carefully pressing my right hand into the clay, with my kindergarten teacher holding her hand on top of mine. It was my first Christmas present to my parents.

Click on the link below for samples of ‘dialogues’ between my right and left hands, or more correctly, my left and right brain. Remember that the left (logical, rational, judgmental) brain controls the dominant hand. For most people, myself included, that’s the right hand. So the writing done through the right (emotional, creative, peaceful) brain often looks child-like and messy. I’ve included typed transcripts of these dialogues because Lefty’s handwriting is (left brain speaking here) pretty sloppy.

I hope these samples encourage you to try your own writing. Remember: respect this process with no expectations of the results you’ll receive.

EXPECTATIONS: How expectations are disappointments waiting to happen.

SECRETS: How your right brain responds to you only when you're ready to hear and only truthfully.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Understanding the nature of your work.



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