I’m passionate about helping people connect with their right brain. I’ve come to think of the right brain as a diamond hidden in each of us. I’ve found a keyhole window to unlock its brilliance by writing to it with my alternate (in my case, left) hand. This yields wonderful results and I’m eager to share this astounding gift, to help you open the window to your own diamond. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s inspired to do this work. Find out more in The Key to the Window.

In Conversations, you can see samples of my ‘dialogues.’ As I write, I watch my fretful, self-judging dominant hand race across the page with its usual dexterity. My alternate hand laboriously fashions responses that are unflinching yet always soothing.  

I’m happy to give talks about the Window to the Diamond. I also conduct workshops where I lead attendees on their own writing excursions, and hold personal sessions for those who seek one-on-one guidance. See the Additional Support link for more information and then Contact me to get the ball rolling and the hand writing!

I’m a published writer and, since connecting to my right brain’s creativity, my writing has come from my heart. You can see samples of some of my work in Stories.

As an artist, I’ve developed unique cards, multimedia collages of images that I blend to create art pieces suitable for framing. I’ve also recently started making “totems,” weatherproof glass and ceramic pieces that add beauty to any home or garden. This creativity comes courtesy of my right brain. Click on Fun Things to see samples.

Enjoy the site and Contact me with your ideas, questions and comments. And please remember the best advice I can give you: Open the window to your own diamond!

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